Sunday, October 24, 2010

Funnest Ward Activity Ever

I don't know who is reading which blog now that I have two, so I am just going to copy and paste the most recent post from my other blog.

Brad's ward had a Halloween dance tonight in the apartment parking garage. It wasn't even my ward activity, but it was the best party ever! Brad is on the activities committee, and so we got the donuts to go with the hot chocolate and cleaned up a little bit afterwards. But we had so much fun.

We dressed up as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, in the suits they wear during their big shoot out at the end. We bought these big, fake, black "automatic" guns from the dollar store that make noise and light up and we wore sunglasses. I thought we looked pretty good! The pictures are on his camera... If you are lucky I will post them later.

We danced for a long time! I was a little surprised because the first interaction I really had with Brad was Dani's black-light dance party birthday party, and I tried to get Brad and his friend Andrew to dance with me, and they made pretty small efforts to dance. So I was surprised tonight when Brad kept pulling me back on the dance floor, but it made me so happy! We can dance our cares away together!

It was so fun dancing together and kind of ignoring everyone else... Who knew that it would be so much fun to go with your pretend and almost spouse? But dance parties are now on the top of our list for activities!

This is an example of one of the many silly moments that make me so happy I am marrying Brad. Another is how much he enjoys watching "She's the Man" with me. He thinks it is hilarious! Yay for marrying someone with the exact same sense of humor as me :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Groom: check
Date: check
Invitations:  check
Dress:  check
Flowers: check
Reception location: check
Caterer: check
Photographer: check
Open house: check
Honeymoon: check


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wedding Planning

Being engaged is the funnest thing ever!  I love scheming with Brad about how our life is going to be when we are married.  We just went and looked at an apartment for the first time tonight.  Apartments for married people are tiny!  But it will be fun I am sure :)

Planning a wedding long distance while working full-time during everyone else's business hours can be difficult though.  I really hope that it all comes together and is nice.  So far I have booked the reception hall, the photographer, the florist, and the cake lady.  So the essentials are taken care of.  Oh and I bought my dress!  It is totally gorgeous, and Brad doesn't know anything about it.  This is one surprise that I am going to keep a surprise (I usually can't keep anything from Brad). 

I am super excited about the open house that we are going to have in Cedar Hills because we will already be married by then, and I don't really have to plan it which is bliss.  And at the end we are going to try to turn it into a dance party.  If you are reading this, you are invited.  The more the merrier - we want to party it up!  Yay!

I would like to apologize now to all the people that I have started ignoring.  Everything that is going on is keeping me really busy and being with Brad as much as humanly possible is really the only thing on my mind.  I realize that this is ridiculous in some vague and very distant corner of my brain but it doesn't really concern me.  I am in love!  And I'm just loving every minute of it :)