Sunday, January 22, 2012

27 Weeks - 93 days left!

I hate my computer lately.  It is so slow that all I have patience to do is post this picture and write something short. 

I am loving this period of pregnancy! I feel her move all the time - it is so fun.  Just this morning before I had even got out of bed she had already been boxing the front of my stomach and tickling my sides.  She makes me laugh all the time! Its really fun.

I think I am getting more emotional though lately.  I get overwhelmed lately with all the things we have to do before she comes, but I am trying to stay calm. I just have a really strong desire to get everything ready as soon as possible - as in right now - so the lists of things to do get pretty long.  Nesting is real people.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


These are my new running shoes!  I have been needing a new pair since before we got married, and last night we finally got these. 

We were walking the mall after we went to dinner because I am trying to either run/walk everyday, and we were walking past Foot Locker and decided to go in and just look around.  I even told the salesman who approached us that we were "not very serious" in our browsing.  But one thing led to another, and I was trying various shoes on and these fit like a glove! And I seriously love how well you can feel the ground through them as well.  They are also so lightweight - a huge improvement from my very old and heavy Nike shocks.  I feel so liberated when wearing them!

Brad and I both really like shoes, which is fun.  I gave him new basketball shoes for Christmas last year, and we gave each other shoes for Christmas this year.  We are going to have to try to be more creative in the future probably, but I kind of love shoe shopping with him (which is how we do it - we go together to pick them out - no surprises, but you get exactly what you want!). So even though he had just given me really nice boots for Christmas, my frugal husband was encouraging this purchase.  It was great!

So today was the second time this week that I made it to the BYU indoor track to go walk/running, and it was awesome.  I could feel new muscles in my ankles and feet getting a workout because of my new shoes.  Also, it feels so good to be more active again.  My nausea and sciatic pain induced inactivity has made me so out of shape, but I can feel improvements because of my small efforts all ready.  I don't get as much pounding in my head when I walk up a long flight of stairs anymore.  Yay!  I love feeling healthy.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Whole Grains

Brad and I love the cooking show on BYUtv "Chef Brad's Fusion Grain Cooking".  The premise is to add whole grains to everything you make.  The food looks delicious, and Chef Brad is hilarious.  He says "Oh my goodness" every other sentence and bounces up and down on the balls of his feet sometimes because he gets so excited about the food he is making.  Oh my goodness it is funny.

But he has actually convinced me to start trying out various grains in my cooking.  I started tonight with a recipe from "The America's Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook", Butternut Squash and Barley Risotto.  Sounds so fancy!  It was good, I think Brad and I both approved of the recipe, although it was very time consuming to make.  My next task in this grain quest is to actually step foot in a health foods store to get the real whole grain-y things.  Who knows, if this goes well, I might even buy a pressure cooker some day to speed up the process!