Thursday, March 21, 2013

Birthday Surprise

My birthday is March 27th, so don't worry, you haven't missed it. Brad decided to give me an early present.

We went to St. George this past week to be with family and when we got there he sat me down to give me my gift. He handed me his phone that showed on the screen our reservation for a hotel room in Las Vegas at the Venetian. The picture of the room looked beautiful and I was so excited! I scrolled down the page and saw that the reservation was for the next day and I got really nervous.

I could tell that Avery was not invited.

I would have to leave her overnight.  My heart practically stopped.

After some quick internal struggle, I admitted to myself that I knew that this day had to come eventually. So I decided to just let it be tomorrow.

We left in the morning after I put Avery down for her first nap and went immediately to get tickets to a Cirque du Soleil show. That is right. Not only were we just staying in Vegas, but Brad wanted to take me to a show as well.  He is the best. There are several Cirque du Soleil shows in Vegas and we chose Ka. We got a good deal on our tickets and after the overwhelming and time-pressured process of choosing our show we sought the safe haven of our beloved nearby Chipotle for lunch. It was delicious as usual.

Then we checked into our hotel. This is what our 38th floor suite looked like.  I am not joking.

Who has the sweetest husband in the whole world? This girl.

We then spent quite some time walking around our hotel and the strip. Brad had never been a tourist in Vegas before so it was fun for him to see how over-the-top it is. Vegas is crazy!

Here are some more pictures of our hotel that we are not in. The trip was a surprise so I didn't have my camera, okay? Just picture our smiling faces in the foreground of all of the photos I put in this post. :)

It was beautiful and super ritzy. We were most definitely the cheapest people in the hotel. Being non-drinkers and non-gamblers, we were pretty sure that the hotel was losing money on us :)

We also walked through the Wynn and a bunch of other places on the strip. It was hot and sunny and lovely. And by the time we changed for our night on the town we realized that we were already so tired from walking that we drove down to the MGM to where Ka was. 

We went to dinner at a little Italian restaurant at Tropicana where it was calm and we were by the window where we had a beautiful view of palm trees and grass and the pool. It was very nice and the food was good!

We wandered the MGM for just a few minutes before our show started and ended up in a Rolex store. Brad tried one on and loved it of course. And the sales lady was not even snotty to our young, clearly-too-poor-for-a-Rolex selves! When we win the lottery a $10,000 Rolex will be at the top of the list of things I get for Brad. Shopping for expensive things is fun even if you're never going to buy them. I don't know why, but it just is.

Ka was amazing almost beyond words. Literally my jaw was hanging down as far as it would go at certain parts. The coolest part was how the stage moved so much. It could go up and down two stories, and rotate 100 degrees. The whole thing was also a touch screen. It could look like water and stone and whatever else they wanted. There was sword-fighting, pyrotechnics, trapeze acrobatics, a wheel of death, rock climbing, shadow hand puppets, creatures that popped out of sand, and more that I unfortunately don't have the time to describe. Read the wikipedia article about the show if you are really interested. It makes you excited even if you have already seen it.

After the show we walked down the strip to the Bellagio to see the water fountain show like on Ocean's 11 which was really fun. 

We ended our night with McFlurries from McDonald's. Don't judge! We were so tired from walking and it was right there. We just didn't have the energy to track down gelato like we planned.  

It was an excellent day.  I really didn't want it to be over. 

But the next morning I started waking up every hour from 5 - 8 thinking about Avery.  I couldn't wait to see my babe! We left pretty quickly so that we could see Miss Fat Face as soon as possible. Those cheeks are just irresistible.

It was an incredible surprise, and I love Brad so much for being so sweet to spoil me so much! 

Thanks to my family who took such good care of little A! They were so sweet to help make this surprise possible! Avery had a blast with them!