Wednesday, March 14, 2012

34 Weeks - Pregnancy Update

20 Weeks

34 Weeks

It is kind of amazing what can happen in 14 weeks isn't it? :) I think that was the last time that I will be able to wear that shirt it is so tight!  So if I went into labor today, they wouldn't give me any drugs to stop it according to my doctor.  My baby wouldn't have any long-term problems at this point.  Which is awesome!

It really is so much fun being pregnant.  My pregnancy has been really quite easy, and I feel so blessed for that.  It is great that I can keep working and bringing home the bacon, and that there haven't been any serious complications.

The best part about being pregnant is feeling my baby move. She is getting so strong!  I love it. Her movements are so constant, and totally distort the shape of my stomach in alien ways.  Its funny :)  Also, I don't know if I have mentioned this on my blog yet, but our little girl clearly doesn't have any hearing problems.  She startles when I turn on the vaccumm, and when I get in the shower she gets really active.  I think she can hear the water hitting my belly :) And last night during the BYU game she started kicking when Brad and I were screaming with excitement!

Pregnancy is definitely not all peachy though. I do have a lot of kind of odd symptoms.  I have pretty bad pain in the middle of my back when I sit for over an hour (I sit for 8 - 9  hours a day at work so it is kind of constant for most of my day) that comes from my mild scoliosis and one leg being longer than the other. I have started working standing up at my computer at work which makes me look a little funny and draws even more attention to the fact that I am pregnant.  People have been so nice to me though.  Seriously, I have had two different men go and get me a fan from their own desks without me asking when I am having hot flashes. And people ask me all the time how I am doing. It is really sweet.  

The other symptoms include really strong Braxton Hicks contractions that give me a stomach ache. And they are kind of frequent sometimes - as in several in an hour. One night a few weeks ago, I was having regular Braxton Hicks contractions every 7 mins for six hours even though I was laying down etc.  At one point they were every two minutes.  I was so freaked out I felt like I was having a panic attack.  Yes, I did call my doctor, and after he told me to guzzle a ton of water he said that if I couldn't sleep through them I should come in to the hospital.  I was able to fall asleep - I think the water helped.  At my doctor's appointment two days later, he decided to do a culture of my cervix to see if I was going to go into labor in the next two weeks.  It came back negative which was great obviously.  So I happily went to St. George that day for a baby shower! (More on that later).

I also had a day when I felt exactly like I have when I was on my period.  Cramps, leg aches, all of my muscles felt sore, I was moody, etc.  Since that time, my Braxton Hicks feel a bit lower and a bit more like period cramps.  Lets just say that I think my body is doing an excellent job of practicing for the real thing.

I also get Braxton Hicks when my bladder is really full.  But I also get them if I don't drink enough water.  It is a catch 22 that can sometimes be difficult to manage. 

So the nursery is getting really close to being done, and we have installed the car seat in our car now, so as soon as I buy a few more things, we are going to have all the essentials ready! We are getting more and more excited for her to come!