Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Avery's developmental update - 6 weeks

Avery is growing up so fast! Here is a list of her wicked awesome skills so far:

  • Pooping violently and being really smelly afterwards
  • Smiling socially!
  • Holding her legs straight at a 45 degree angle while lying on her back
  • Lifting her head while on her tummy
  • Responding vocally to us sometimes
  • Rotating her head from one side to the other - once she gets going with this back and forth, it is almost as if she can't stop :)
  • High pitched shrieking
  • Eating voraciously
  • Not spitting up very much
  • Staying awake for 5 hours at a time - she is the most alert baby ever! (Don't worry I try to prevent this, and she doesn't do it very often)
  • Growing rolls of fat - most prominent in her double chin and and very upper thighs :)
  • Peeing in a stream that arcs away from landing on the second diaper we put under her while we change her
  • Getting people to tell her she is beautiful
  • Melting her parents' hearts
Some preferences she has made perfectly clear include:
  • When she is upset, constant movement calms her down or
  • Being up on someone's shoulder is her favorite
  • Freedom to kick her legs like an Irish dancer - she won't tolerate any restriction of movement from clothing or blankets on her legs
  • She doesn't like to cuddle in a sideways position against your chest like most babies do
Random facts:
  • Her hands smell like sour milk pretty much all the time
  • It is practically impossible to clean in her neck folds
  • She always has lint in her toes
  • Her hands and feet are clammy
  • Her skin is SO soft - my favorite thing to do is squeeze her fat silky thighs :)
We feel so lucky because she is such a good baby! She has quite a calm disposition most of the time - I was hoping she would get that from Brad, and I think she might have - fingers crossed that it continues that way! 

Sunday, June 10, 2012