Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Calling

So I don't think that I have mentioned on our blog how we got put in a family ward with some big boundary changes that happened a few months ago.  We were definitely sad to leave our BYU married student ward after only a three month stint, when we were just getting more settled in.

But we have been enjoying our new ward and love to watch all of the kids in it during sacrament meeting.  Because there are a lot.

But now we get to watch them in a much more up-close and personal way because we have been called to be nursery leaders!

Our first day was this Sunday, and we were a little nervous for the first fifteen mins or so when we had to experience the several distraught children crying (hard) for their parents.  It was so sad!  But we were eventually able to woo them with puzzle time and singing time and by the time we got to snack time, it was all downhill from there.  After that they just ran rampant with two tubs of toys and a slide that made them all quite happy.  None of them even fought over toys.

Pretty much all of the kids were really well behaved, and we had few problems.  We easily learned their names because you say kid's names a million times when you are trying to direct them to do something.  Such as telling them to not climb on the table, not eat things off the floor, not eat crayons, not push other children down the slide etc. :)

On the whole, I think it was pretty fun and not as hard as I thought it was going to be.  (There were four adults in there though, which won't always be the case.) They say that we might even get to go to relief society/priesthood and sunday school some weeks once they call another couple to trade off with us. 

I have already noticed an increase of interest in things like children's songs/music, the magazine "The Friend" and the kids section of the website.  Did you know that there has a place where your kids can "color" online while church music is playing?  See link below in case you have kids. Pretty nifty.  The church is true!  And we love snack time!