Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gloves are for girls

When Brad and I were newly married, I saw some gloves on sale at the grocery store and thought of his hands getting cold when he would scrape the ice of the car every morning.  So I bought them for him and happily presented my excellent gift to him.  He said thanks so much, but he would not be wearing them.  Gloves are for girls he said, and then listed all sorts of practical reasons why he could just let his hands fend for themselves.  What a manly man!

Fast forward to today.  I had forgotten the above mentioned experience, and so when Brad began to do the dishes after dinner tonight I lovingly suggested, "Honey, why don't you use the rubber gloves?" With a pause and slow shake of his head suggesting that I was crazy, Brad said, "No...gloves are for girls!"

I know for a fact that he detests touching the leftover food that is on the plate with his bare hands, and that his hands used to get extremely cold while scraping the ice, but still he refuses!  Its hilarious!! :)  I never realized that gloves were so inherently girly. 

After today, I am pretty sure that I will remember that gloves are for girls.  Just wait and see when I do not offer him a pair of gloves in five years when he is out working in the yard (that would be cool if we really did have a yard in five years...).  He will get blisters but insist that gloves are for girls.  :)  Men are so strange sometimes, but I look forward to these little quirks continuing to bring me amusement in the future because I love to laugh!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Moab, Utah

Brad and I went on a camping trip to Moab over Memorial Day weekend.  It was so much fun! I took a day off work, and then we got Memorial Day off so it was an extra long weekend, which was so very nice.  We drove there on Friday, went on a hike and then miraculously were able to get a camping site when everywhere was full.  We went the cheap route and didn't reserve one in advance because it is more expensive that way.  So when we saw one available, we grabbed it even though it was right by a main road.  We set up camp and then went on a bike ride.  Dinner that night was chicken kebabs and baked beans from a can.  The next morning we did a 10.5 mile bike ride through a slick rock trail.  The slick rock was much bumpier than I ever imagined it could be, and also difficult.  I got off and almost fell over many times.  But we conquered it so that was fun! Then we went off-roading, where I swear we almost died.  We were near the edge of a cliff and for awhile were stuck there.  But we are very creative and filled the holes our tires had dug in the dirt with rocks to get our car to crawl up the rocks we had just bounced down.  It was intense.  Then we went on a calm nature walk with a nice view, and had MRE's for dinner. It was excellent.  I will also add that during the drive we listened to Harry Potter 4 and I just know that deep down, Brad is in love with them.  It makes me SO happy!!!  We can't wait for the last movie to come out!  Yay!

Tulip Festival

I am playing catch up today with our blog.  At the beginning of May Brad, Scottie and I went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point.  How did I get two men to go with me to the Tulip Festival you might be wondering?  Well Scottie had to come so we could get in for free as he works at Thanksgiving Point, and Brad came because he is such a good husband.  It was actually a really good excuse to spend time with Scottie before he left on his mission.  He is now in the MTC and loving it, and will soon go to his area in the Sacramento, California, English speaking mission.  We are so proud of him!  Anyway, here is a sampling of the hundred plus pictures I took while we were there.